Tales of Resilience

about project

In 2017 we made a little gesture of kindness.   We travelled to Africa and produced a film on a group of little heroes who despite famine, poverty and disease, they still manage to dream, create and achieve.  “Tales of Resilience” is our volunteer film production for a small but incredible charity called “A little gesture” or ALG.  Registered in UK and Portugal,  ALG is supporting thousands of children in need in Mozambique.  Most of the them are orphans, living in poor conditions whilst some are HIV positive.
It has been great to see how a small team of people can make such a huge difference in feeding, training and educating thousands of children.
We felt that by producing a film on the lives of the children who are benefited form the charity we will raise awareness while increasing donations towards the charity.  From our part we waived all production fees and went further to donate 5% of our business profits for one month.  We also asked our clients to helps us fundraise more for this cause, and how lucky we ‘ve been!!! You helped us raise nearly £1000.  Thank you all so much!
The films focuses on 3 stories of Racilia, Aaron and a group of 3 teenage rap artists.  It was shown at the ALG gala at the Portuguese Ambassador’s Residence on the 9th of March 2017.  During the event ALG managed to raise more than £75,000.  The film is embedded on the ALG website helping to raise more awareness while increasing donations.  In this link you can view just a short trailer of our film.